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ZipSearch! continues to create innovative technology to help our Client/Partners exceed their marketing goals by leveraging twelve years of industry experience and forward thinking systems design. Here's a sampling of how we push the limits of technology to maximize your ROI...

Real Time Lead Distribution
"The early bird gets the worm." It's a fact that timing is essential in online direct-response customer acquisition. That's why real-time distribution technology should be powerful enough to work with the unique needs of one's clients. Learn how we can help your business get in touch with new prospects faster by using the ZipSearch! real-time technology edge! Milliseconds - not minutes, hours or days.
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Quality Assurance Architecture
Using a combination of manual and powerful software quality control systems like Targus, it's common that our Client/Partners experience uncommonly high contact ratios. Why? A combination of our clean marketing and in real-time scrubbing of data with hundreds of millions of phone and address records in dozens of databases updated monthly. Have you ever bought internet leads only to learn that you just wasted your time and money? ZipSearch! uses an eighteen-point quality check against multiple databases to help eliminate most fraudulent and bogus consumer data from ever reaching your business. Other layers of protection include our in-house quality assurance team, proprietary tracking technology and a patent pending algorithm for correlating Client/Partner feedback in real-time. The results gathered from these systems are used to optimize our marketing - and in turn, your results.
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Free Lead Management
As you begin to experience success with our company or another like, you'll find managing your lead data essential in assessing the viability and ROI of each of your marketing sources. That's why ZipSearch! provides a free-of-charge, web-based, real-time lead management system that's accessible 24 hours a day: the ZipSearch! Client Center. Whether you have a call center with 5,000 seats or a boutique sized office with 5 brokers, you'll be able to do the following at no cost:

Manage and track distribution of your quote requests Provide real-time feedback on quality
Maintain notes and Status on each record Importing data attained from other sources
In-depth reporting Robust Sun Servers running Oracle Databases
Set up Round Robin lead distributions to user defined groups and much more - all in one easy to use tool

We offer integrations with select lead aggregators and quoting engines you may already be using. You may also benefit from out quick real-time integrations with your own in-house solution for a nominal fee.
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Pay Per Call
One of the best ways to grow your business is to speak with potential clients, learn about their needs and then educate them on why your solution may be the best choice. ZipSpeak!", our unique pay per call service, connects our Client/Partners with live prospects over the phone. Motivated consumers with immediate needs can be calling you without the assistance and expense of live transfer operators. In other words, we can help you achieve a very favorable ROI.
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