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Benefits of Using a Lead Management System
Broadcast for the week of 02/25/08
David Schneider and Michael Ferree discuss the benefits of using a Lead Management System with guest Josh Cardenas. They go over the importance of using a lead management system, and it's direct effect on ROI. They also make a call to Jeff Solomon at Leads360 to get his current take on the Lead Industry and the direction it's headed.

Ethics in Selling, Buying and Generating Leads
Broadcast for the week of 02/05/08
New radio show about the ethics in selling, buying and generating leads. Hosted and led by David Schneider and joined by Mike Ferree from

How to Close More Leads
Broadcast for the week of 01/17/08
Mike Ferree from and David Schneider discuss the ins and outs of closing mortgage leads and insurance leads. Best practices, closing techniques and obstacles are discussed.

Buying Internet Leads for Maximum Profit
Broadcast for the week of 01/10/08
Mike Ferree from joins David Schneider to expose the inner workings of buying quality mortgage leads and many other types of leads, including insurance leads, and what they've discovered after years in the industry. Discussion points include lead management, sales automation, lead verification, and how to deal with ongoing industry changes.
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