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ZipSearch! and Kaleidico : Real-time closed loop marketing system.
New Real-time Sales Feedback from Kaleidico Improves Lead Quality
San Diego, CA - April 10th, 2008 - One of the major themes of the recent LeadsCon 2008, an annual gathering of the online lead generation community, was how to improve lead quality and sales performance. The resounding answer to both of those topics was to improve the feedback loop between sales and marketing. During LeadsCon's lead management panel several lead providers challenged the lead management software providers to enable Internet lead buyers to give real-time sales feedback to their lead provider; giving lead buyers the benefit of immediate and customized lead quality optimization.

Today, Kaleidico ( announces the launch of this capability within their icoSales lead management solution. In partnership with ZipSearch! (, a top provider of online mortgage, insurance and other types of lead generation, Kaleidico has given the online lead generation and buying community its first example of real-time closed-loop feedback. This innovation in linking specific lead generation campaigns, lead identifiers, and sales results in real-time is assured to bring immediate successes to lead buyers.

Bill Rice, Kaleidico's CEO, explains "online lead generation can be an expensive exercise in trial and error without feedback from your sales force." Unfortunately, the typical lead buyer is constantly trying to guess what is working and what isn't. "Our new lead performance feedback application programming interface (API) will uniquely enable lead providers to improve their lead generation campaigns in real-time to help each client's unique lead buying success," concluded Rice.

The current state of lead generation and traditional CRM is one of two distinct systems, leaving both marketing and sales at a disadvantage. Online lead providers are trying to optimize their performance, but lack consistent and timely feedback. Meanwhile, sales is trying to improve their processes, often working against marketing adjustments.

"This partnership between lead management and lead generation technology is going to deliver incredible results to our clients," says David Schneider, CEO of ZipSearch!. Schneider, continued by explaining, "in the past we have had to burden clients with requests for data and status updates on leads we provide, and often the data was too old to be effective in adjusting our campaigns to benefit them. Now we are able to tune each of our clients' lead quality in real-time."

Kaleidico is currently working to finalize the development of this open API to provide simple closed-loop feedback for any participating lead generation marketing source.

This latest innovation is just another demonstration of how Kaleidico and ZipSearch! continue to look for creative ways to enhance their clients' Internet customer acquisition.

About Kaleidico, LLC
Kaleidico, LLC is a top lead management and lead distribution solution provider, connecting sales organizations to lead generation providers to enable an exceptionally responsive consumer experience for every lead. Kaleidico has distributed millions of Internet leads, helped thousands of sales professionals increase their production, and ensured every consumer gets a response to their inquiry. Kaleidico provides lead management and lead distribution platforms to sales and marketing organizations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom via and 866.667.5253. Kaleidico, LLC also owns and operates

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Established in 1995, ZipSearch! is an authority in generating, buying and selling mortgage and insurance leads. ZipSearch! helps consumers find savings on life’s most important financial transactions, and provides online marketing services for the mortgage and insurance industry.

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